Clean Adaptogenic Beauty & Stress Protection


Adaptogens are plants. They are a specific classification of herbs, berries and mushrooms with the unique ability to modulate the stress response. They do this by working along the HPA axis which is the regulator of the body’s stress hormone: cortisol.

All our blends are free from flavourings, sweeteners, sugar, fillers and preservatives. Our ingredients are selected for their benefits, quality and purity. We don't diminish this by adding anything that doesn't function to serve you. 

Daily Rituals

Add your Adaptogens to daily rituals in ways that work for you. We like to have them as a simple tonic with warm water, coconut nectar and lemon or as an addition to our smoothies, lattes, pancakes or porridge.

All our blends are free from sweeteners and flavourings to remember to add sweetness as you like (if you like!). 

About Mytribetype

I started MY TRIBE TYPE as a means to create a holistic ecosystem of products designed for better ageing via stress protection for body, skin and mind. I want to empower people with the option of clean plant-based choices in a beauty and supplement market where synthetics, chemicals and flavourings are dominant. 



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