How to adapt.

Four ways to add Adaptogens to your daily rituals.


Breakfast + Snack + Dessert

Sprinkle your supplements on your morning oats, muesli, pancakes or yoghurt. Our Adaptogen Vegan Collagen, Beauty Berry or Love Adaptogen Supplement work well.

Make an Adapto-Tonic

Add your favourite Adaptogenic Supplement (we recommend Love, Strong or Invincible) to warm water with lemon and a little coconut nectar or honey. You can try adding additional fresh herbs, slices of ginger, turmeric or orange zest if you like.

Coffee + Cacao + Adapto-Latte

Add Adaptogen supplements like Love, Invincible, Strong, The Calmer of The Happy Bean to your cacao or coffee to make an Adapto-Latte. We like to use our Cacao with Benefits or Evolve Latte blend as our base. Our blends are kept pure and free from sweetener, additives or sugar to sweeten as you like, if you like.


Add your Adaptogens to your smoothies with berries or banana. Try adding extra greens, dates or almond butter. For protein add Beautiful or Fabulous.