Stress protection

My wellness story is more of a marathon.
With MTHFR and autoimmune disease I felt terrible most of the time. I started my healing with food, but it was not enough on its own to have results. I added specific herbs and things changed.
Considering all the information available about my conditions was not readily available ten years ago, it took me a very long time to find the right help and lifestyle rituals to be well.
I found that stress was a trigger for me, setting off a cycle of long term illness.
I always had stressful work and that was not going to change. I started to add adaptogens to my day, a little bit every day and my conditions got better.
As I felt better I wanted to do more. I felt like I had a future. I adopted more stress protection rituals into my days, yoga, horse riding lessons, meditations and mantras. Wellness for me is a lifestyle, without it I know I my conditions will take over my life again.
I've learnt to listen to my body. I've learnt that as women our hormones are changing as we get older and can trigger ill health. We are stronger than we know and we can adapt.
A x