The Better Ageing Latte

This is definitely on my weekend to do list. 
I have been adding herbs to my foods forever. They are a great way to boost your antioxidant consumption. This is my Love Dark Chocolate Adaptogenic Moccachino for when you want to kick start your day or make your coffee really work for you. Make it with good espresso and chocolate and add MYTRIBETYPE Love with stress protecting foods: Ashwagandha the adaptogen that is the queen of chill and libido boosting horny goat weed and Shatavari, plus liver loving Schisandra and balancing Maca.
How to:
Add a teaspoon of Love de-stress + sexiness to your espresso (mine is decaf), then top with frothy almond milk or milk of choice. To finish, layer with as much shaved vegan organic dark chocolate as you like, e.g. lots.
P.S. A French coffee bowl is a nice change and as good as a holiday.