The Next Chapter

My next reinvention.

I reinvent myself continually as I adapt to life and its continually shifting waves. Women have many lives. I adapt to my age and what works for me with the perspective and physical changes it brings.  Ageing is an incredible process of self-discovery if you want it to be, although I think I spent the first part in denial. I didn’t feel old at 42, but I was referred to as the older woman and I don’t feel old now at 57, but I do feel different. I feel more myself, more confident and less uptight if you know what I mean.  I have always had health issues with my long-term things like MTHFR autoimmune, and chronic fatigue, etc. I feel that I have aged possibly better as a result of working on my health because I had to. I had to because I wanted to be able to live and work, be strong and independent. The benefits of my practices, my food and my investment are paying off now. It even has a name now ‘Age proofing’.

With this reinvention, I am embracing my ageing, my place in time and continue to look for more ways to be holistically well. And as you may know, I moved to Provence with my forever boyfriend last year and we are set up to stay. I wanted to live in France and shop and cook from the markets since I was 18. It took me a few attempts to get here. Somehow your internal drive is always working as you age and you can get where you want to go, eventually !! 

After not being in Australia for a year I have decided to discontinue MYTRIBETYPE products and move on with my food-filled wellness life. I thank you, all of you, who have been part of MY TRIBE TYPE. Your support has meant the world. You will be able to shop our clearance sale until we have sold out (get in quick). 

Our @mytribetype Instagram will still be focused on women of a certain age, the trials of the hormonal roller-coaster, what women can do to age well, and food coaching. 

My newsletter COOK WITH ME IN PROVENCE will let everyone what I'm cooking, thinking and feeling. Plus there is always what I’m wearing as I navigate how to feel comfortable and myself and not look ridiculous at 57. I talk about postmenopause as it is a subject much overlooked when it comes to women and ageing. Older women can do so much not to be the little old lady. We can be strong and independent as we want to be valid active members of society with our contributions to art, creativity and culture. With our history, we know the stories because we lived them, we have seen the cycles and the joy and the pain before. We have learnt the lessons and are happy to share our philosophies and talk things through, while you show us how to use the latest social media. 

I would love you to stay in touch and connect with me and my latest older, cooler reinvention.  I hope that it will help you to navigate the tides of ageing one day. My aim is to be the poster woman for post-menopause! Anything is possible if you believe and you know yourself. 

Keep posted for my tips to be yourself, to cook well, and to age well. For my wellness, things to contemplate, endless sentimental reflection’s from a time before you were born,  vintage fashion finds and jewellery, food in France, seasonal inspiration, and ten million ways to wear denim. 

Thank you and stay in touch!

Amanda xx