Why powder?

Years ago when I was very unwell and they didn't know what I had, I was looking for solutions. I was taking up to 35 pills/capsules a day, some supplements and some prescriptions. It was confusing and ridiculous to keep track of. For example, to take the equivalent of a teaspoon of powder you would have to take a lot of capsules (6 to 10)! I found organic adaptogenic foods (herbs) in powder form and started to add them to my lifestyle (smoothies, cooking, lattes, tonics), not wanting to add more pills to my day. With my chef background and over 35 years of working with food, this seemed a much more connected option. Philosophically I was adding beneficial, medicinal foods to my body. These adaptogenic foods can be preventive in their action and have been used for centuries for healing. We now have the tools to understand how these herbs work to modulate stress.
It makes sense to me that adding powdered adaptogens to my day is a balanced, conscious, connected, holistic approach to providing stress protection, being well and better ageing. Start your own adaptogen pantry.