Wild + Free is for everyone and has multiple uses. It can be used as a face, body or hair oil and can also be used for cleansing. Our pores are finer and the texture of our skin is more refined and resilient. Our laugh lines are more from laughing and our friends see a new glow.


A one stop shop for organic repair and glow

Wild Free is a multifunctional oil for everyone.

Ways to use it include:


 To cleanse first moisten face with a warm cloth. Gently massage with one spray / 2-3 drops of Wild + Free, then remove with cotton wool and a warm face cloth.

Face Oil

Apply one spray / 2-3 drops of oil to fingers. Press fingers together under your nose, inhale the scent, then press on to clean skin avoiding the eye area. Start with the forehead, then press along cheekbones and jaw line before moving upwards under the neck. 

Body Oil

 Add a few sprays / drops to damp hands and massage your body straight after a shower for aromatherapy moisturising. 

Hair Oil

Add a little to your fingertips and run fingers through the ends of your hair or apply through hair for an overnight treatment.

I love this product on my body and hair.
— Laura