Smart Spa Collection

A how to guide for our best seller. The s m a r t  spa collection is all about helping you to create new rituals and new ways to feel good. 

s m a r t spa collections contain: 1 x smart big day bircher + 1 x glowberry infusion + 1 x invincible adaptogen powder + 1 x selfmade adaptogen powder + 1 x cacao with benefits + 1 x evolve latte

To achieve the glow and self-care you are looking for we have made some suggestions for how to best incorporate our range of products into positive rituals for you to enjoy your MY TRIBE TYPE s m a r t spa collection.

s m a r t big day bircher – an evening ritual for an easy morning

Soak your MY TRIBE TYPE s m a r t big day bircher at night in almond milk or coconut milk if you like a little sweetness. Add a dash of lemon juice. The lemon juice counteracts the phytic acid and increases the nutrient uptake. Feel free to use regular milk or any other milk alternative of your choosing. *Smart contains no glutinous ingredients.

Dress your bircher in the morning with yoghurt of kefir. We like to use kefir which has all the good gut microbes and is great for the digestive system. Add some organic fresh or frozen berries or seasonal fruit. If you like a little more sweetness add a teaspoon of Manuka honey. Manuka is functional honey with good health benefits.

You can add a level teaspoon of your powders to your bircher if you don’t feel like a smoothie as well as your bircher. Invincible powder works well.

Adaptogen powders – adaptogens and organic activated spices

Invincible – morning ritual

Add to smoothies or as a booster for your big day bircher. 

•    Rhodiola is known to be a fatigue fighter, mood enhancer (long term), immunity supporter and metabolism booster

•    Reishi is known for its longevity benefits, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, heart, liver and immune support

•    Astragalus is a herb known to be anti-bacterial, an antioxidant, heart and liver tonic and immune supporter

•    Shatavari (Indian asparagus root) is a reported aphrodisiac (sexy stuff), immune tonic and anti-inflammatory properties

•    Lycium (goji berry) is known for its nutritive value, blood sugar balancing abilities and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, liver and immune supporting qualities

Selfmade – night ritual

Taking selfmade at night is a good way to let this green powder nourish and detox you while you sleep.

•    Organic wheat grass and barley grass and spirulina to nourish and support the body and promote natural detoxification

•    Horse tail and dandelion root also support the detoxification process

•    Pomegranate adds vitamin C

•    Holy basil is an adaptogenic herb known to be antibacterial, antidepressant, antiviral and calming

•    Lycium (goji berry) is also an adaptogen which is known for its nutritive value, blood sugar balancing abilities and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, liver and immune supporting qualities

Infusions – hydration

When you want to reset or if you are making any changes to your food intake it is important to stay hydrated. Start with warm water and lemon in the morning and make a big pot of Glowberry to see you through the day. We like to sip on it cold as well as warm to get all the benefits of the nettle: a gentle astringent detoxer. The goji berries add immunity, sugar balancing and glow.



Cafe breaks - midmorning and mid-afternoon rituals

We like our coffee but we like to have organic functional alternates too. Particularly if you have adrenal fatigue it's good to give caffeine a rest.  ‘Cacao with Benefits’ is great at 3 pm when you have that afternoon slump.

The Evolve Latte is a nice mid-morning alternative and it is also good in the evening if you like a warm comforting beverage. The turmeric, astragalus and reishi support the body and boost the immune system.

We make our café blends by adding a level teaspoon of your chosen blend to a little warm water. Stir to make a light liquid paste and add warm milk of your choosing. 


The best part of a MY TRIBE TYPE spa break at home is after your weekend in-house retreat you have all the stock and rituals at hand to continue building your chosen lifestyle. Add some mediation and or yoga (apps work well at home) or a simple walk to take some real time out.

Support yourself with nourishing foods, juices and smoothies. Leafy greens, plant-based proteins, broths, raw and cooked vegetables and skin foods high in omega 3s like avocados and walnuts are all good things to build a balanced diet.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please visit our website or feel free to contact us. We are happy to speak to you about how to get the most from your MY TRIBE TYPE spa collection.

We hope this helps you to feel strong, empowered and well. -

Isabella Palmai