Winter Glow

As winter sets in we start to feel a little slow, we see the sun less and the heaters go on. We want something warm and soothing to cradle in our hands. Something that will help our skin glow and support our immunity as the cold and flu season sets in throughout the offices and schools. We want to have something nourishing that will help us to be our best, rain or shine. 

Turmeric, astragalus, reishi mushroom, chamomile,  and orange combine in our Evolve Latte to create a golden latte with immune supporting properties and soothing glow power. A pinch of black pepper activates the turmeric while the chamomile and orange provide a soothing quality. Enjoy with almond or coconut milk and add a little manuka honey for a touch of sweetness if you like. 

Our Love Adaptogenic Powder is also great for destressing, igniting desires and providing a glowing sense of calm inside and out. Love contains ashwagandha an adaptogen known for its abilities to promote calm positive vibes and decrease stress. Schisandra is the 'happy berry’  an antioxidant powerhouse that promotes glowing skin, supports liver function and assists with adrenal fatigue. Shatavari has been used throughout India for centuries as a hormone balancer for women both young and old; it helps us to feel balanced and clear minded in a turned on kind of way. Love powder also contains Maca, an adaptogen that helps to promotes hormonal balance. It also supports the production of positive endorphins and like Shatavari, it functions as an aphrodisiac. Add a level teaspoon of Love to your morning smoothie or Evolve latte to wave goodbye to any winter woes. 

We have found these adaptogens and spices to increase our sense of wellbeing. However, everyone is different and though these plants have been consumed for generations, they may be new to you.  We encourage you to seek the advice of a medical professional if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffer from a medical condition or are on any medication. 


Isabella Palmai