Berries with Bounce: Amla


To create and protect our collagen protein we need a lot of absorbable vitamin C in our diet.

Amla is super high in the antioxidant vitamin C which helps in slowing the ageing process. Amla is also high in flavonoids and polyphenols making it anti-inflammatory. The compounds in adaptogenic amla assist to reduce the harmful build-up of free radicals and reduce oxidative stress within the body. It is reported to assist the stabilisation of connective tissue, blood vessels, bones and the eyes and is an all around miracle worker when it comes to being an inner beauty treatment super food.

We love it because it is an organic whole food that your body recognises and absorbs to give you a crucial collagen building block. Its helps to keep your skin and hair glossy whilst supporting strong bones and a robust immune system.

Amla is one of the integral fifteen bio functional ingredients in our Adaptogenic Vegan Collagen Boost. You can also find it in our Glowberry Infusion and Selfmade Adaptogenic Inner Beauty Powders

Isabella Palmai