How Adaptogens Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Energy


By Charlotte Barker

If you are looking for more energy, adaptogenic herbs are your new best friend. These beautifully nourishing and powerful herbs have been used for decades in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese traditional medicine.

Adaptogens are often referred to as a tonic for your whole body, as they work on all levels to bring you back to alignment. They have been shown to improve your bodies response to stress (whether it be environmental or emotional in basis) -  instead of taking on this stress and having it deplete your body and adrenal glands (leading to the exhaustion of adrenal fatigue) these remedies will help to move through challenges in life with more ease.

Adaptogens work to nourish, support and rebalance your body, leading you to feel full of vitality, strength and energy.

All of the My Tribe Type powders contain some form of adaptogenic magic, however, here is a short overview of a few favourite energy providing adaptogens to look out for in the My Tribe Type range:


This energising herb has been found to improve mental fatigue, by nourishing not only the body but also the mind.
This is a great choice if you find yourself feeling mentally drained. The purpose of this remedy is to leave you feeling a renewed sense of drive and focus.


For energy production, this is a beautiful supportive and restorative herb. Ashwagandha has been found to lower the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) when in high stress situations.
This is for the person who feels they do not have the energy they used to, this herb may help bring back the balance in your body to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Eleuthero / Siberian Ginseng

This herb has been shown to improve stamina and leave you feeling energised for longer.
The nourishing action of this herb is perfect for the person that begins their day feeling fine, but finds their energy levels quickly deplete throughout the day.
Additionally, due to Eleuthero’s ability to improve stamina, this is a great choice for those who enjoy working out as a part of their self-care routine.

About the author - Charlotte Barker

Living in the beautiful Adelaide hills, and a final year Naturopathy student. The combining of herbal medicine and its ability to gently, yet effectively move obstacles in the body, and the science based nutritional aspect are what brought about my passion for this balanced approach to wellness. I have a particular interest in woman’s health and look forward to working more with this area in the future.

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