Why I made MY TRIBE TYPE Adaptogen Vegan Collagen Food


As I aged I realised I needed more protein and collagen, not just for my skin, but for my bones and my general long-term wellness. My strength was non-existent when I was not well and it took some time for me to build it back up. I was not absorbing nutrients as well as I did when I was younger either. Ageing significantly affects our nutrient absorption and we need nourishing foods and a digestive system working at optimum to absorb them.

I had taken a variety of animal-based collagen supplements over the years and seemed to not be able to maximise their benefits. I spent many hours researching what the body needs to protect and maintain collagen, finding that we need some key essential nutrients to do this. I wanted a blend of all the plant-based foods that contained these key nutrient elements - the building blocks of collagen -  to help me protect and sustain this important protein.

It turns out that these nutrients have a fantastic effect on the skin and wellbeing too. To get the most out of the collagen supplements I was taking, I needed all these nutrient building blocks and when I switched to a plant-based diet, I needed them even more.

With more people turning to a vegan protocol it's becoming increasingly important to understand how we can support and sustain the essential elements we need in our diet. Not all of us have the luxury of being able to find everything we need in the modern food market place.

I found that to have plumper skin, a rose glow and good strength at 54, I needed to add these collagen building blocks into my diet and this is how MY TRIBE TYPE Vegan Collagen Food was born. I also knew that stress was the enemy of collagen, inhibiting its production and even deteriorating it over time. The adaptogenic plants in this blend are all about stressing less and glowing more.

- Amanda

The Key Building Blocks for Collagen Support:

Vitamin C: Australian Native Kakadu Plum, AMLA (adaptogen), Maqui Berry, Pomegranate, Beetroot

Anthocyanin: Blueberries

Copper: CHAGA (adaptogen), Shiitake, Beetroot

Lysine, Arginine, Proline (amino acids): Spirulina

Vitamin A: Dulse Seaweed, Blueberries and Spirulina

Manganese: Dulse Seaweed

Zinc: Shiitake Mushroom


How To?

Add 2 small level teaspoons of MY TRIBE TYPE Adaptogen Vegan Collagen Food to 1 cup of coconut milk + a handful of strawberries and blend.

This supplement is a blend of all the extras I wanted more of in my diet. I created it without flavours, fillings or sickly sweeteners so it contains only herbs, berries, roots and adaptogens which can work to protect and support your collagen by giving your body the building blocks it needs to GLOW.

Our ingredients:

ADAPTOGENS: Chaga Mushroom + Amla Berry + Astragalus + Rhodiola


FUNCTIONAL FOODS: Australian Native Kakadu Plum + Shiitake Mushroom + Aloe Vera + Alfalfa + Maqui Berry + Blueberry + Dulse Seaweed + Beetroot.

…And nothing else.