Cacao with Benefits

Cacao with Benefits

  • Nootropic Cacao

  • Adaptogenic Maca

  • Caffeine alternative

  • Happy hormones

  • Stress defence

  • Functional spice

Climb that mountain.

We want a feel good café break with adaptive and functional foods.

MACA + MESQUITE + Cacao + Cinnamon + Cardamom + Chilli.

Add two small level teaspoons (3 grams) to a little warm water, then add warm milk of choice and sweeten to taste.

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Ingredients Certified Organic (powders): cacao, maca, mesquite, cinnamon, cardamom, chilli, grey salt.

115g per jar, 19 serves

Seek advice from your health care professional before taking if pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have a medical condition or if you are taking any medication. Keep out of reach of children.