Holistic, clean, plant science has been a pivotal aspect of my journey from bed-bound stress related health problems to a balanced, confident, empowered life at 55. Adaptogens and clean ingredients formulated as recipes as per my 35 years as a chef and creator were the catalyst for my healing.

I started MY TRIBE TYPE as a means to create a holistic ecosystem of products designed for better ageing via stress protection for body, skin and mind. To empower people with the option of choice and clean plant-based options in a beauty and supplement market where synthetics, chemicals and flavourings are dominant. Our products are mindfully made. We call them: radically functional. To us, this means they are crafted in small batches with socially conscious production, sustainable packaging and most importantly every ingredient is a key ingredient and is selected for its functionality.

Our inner beauty supplement range is made with Certified Organic Ingredients, no synthetics, no fillers, no flavourings, no additives, no GMOs, no sugars, no colouring, no sweeteners. Basically, they are pure blends of powdered herbs and high functioning foods. The supplement range makes taking adaptogens easier as they can be added to daily rituals like smoothies, lattes and tonics. They are food supplements and in a form that communicates lifestyle consciousness.

An extension of our adaptogenic supplements, our adaptogenic clean beauty products are as organic and raw as possible, utilising cold-pressed botanicals and adaptogens without bleaching, refining or excessive filtering. All our recipes and formulas rely on proportional use of high functioning ingredients for efficacy so, each drop of oil or teaspoon of powder contains exactly what it says in an actionable form.

I’m incredibly passionate about blending our adaptogenic beauty range. Each product is handmade in micro-batches and I have concentrated on making the scent part of the stress-protective element of these products so their benefits become holistic rituals. The powerhouse active ingredients allow for better ageing by nourishing and protecting the skin while the added adaptogenic effect of the scent provides clarity and stress relief.

We are Australia’s first adaptogenic beauty brand.

MY TRIBE TYPE® is for empowerment. It’s for making room, without stress, for the things we want to do. We have curated our range of transformative inner beauty foods from our experiences and to fulfil the needs presented to us by our modern lives and their complexities. As part of our daily rituals, these functional foods can work to modulate the stress response and in turn these daily rituals become acts of self care with benefits that flow through to all aspects of our lives.

We want to stress less and glow more. When we say glow more, we mean to glow from confidence, from a sense of calm, from our ambition, from our freedom and from the balance we feel when our body’s and minds are mediating their response to stress.


My relationship with food started over 40 years ago when I began cooking for my family at the tender age of 10. I decided to become a chef very early on, and as a chef I have always looked for flavour, loads of texture and vitality in my food. History, story and identity have also played a large role in my food, menus and recipe design. My first restaurant was one of the first regional food destination dining experiences in Australia in 1992.

As I have aged, these concepts have become even more important to me. Our food and lifestyles have changed since the 60s and 70s. The environment and the cultural factors that surround our food and its importance in our lives are continually evolving. Never have we known so much and yet we still feel in the dark with all the choices put in front of us. I found my own way to translate food into something meaningful and into something that worked for me.

I have always been fortunate enough to have access to good food, yet still for most of my life I have been unwell. Consequently, I have always been making recipes lighter, richer in nutrition and destination specific. I have always been trying to heal myself with food. Now I work on developing recipes that counter the effects of ageing and stress.

At 48 I was diagnosed with a genetic mutation MTHFR which meant I was not absorbing B12 and B9. In my case, this had lead to auto-immune disease and Hashimoto’s and long term IBS. Simply eating well was not working for me. I tried many labelled diets from Paleo to GAPS to FODMAP to little avail. 

It all changed for me when I started to investigate the world of adaptogens, humbly at first with Ashwagandha. Experimenting with combinations of adaptogens and the setting of new life goals has helped me to live a considerably more active, inspired, happy life. Now at 54, I jog/run and have found my happy place, horse riding. All of these things I never thought I could do, I do.

These functional foods, did the one thing that was the catalyst for my reinvention as a healthy, functioning, confident woman. They modulated my stress. My health improved once I had a level playing field (modulated stress) as I was not reacting emotionally and physically as if on autopilot. My expectations of my relationships and myself changed for the better as I could plan for the future, without fatigue and pain. 

I developed rituals like smoothies, infusions and lattes to incorporate these ancient foods into my diet. As these rituals became a part of my everyday, my life started to come naturally together. My days contain processes that make me feel good and well. When you feel better you feel like doing more. For me the path has been long. Many of my health issues are only just starting to be recognised; dealing with them has taught me a lot.

I have built MY TRIBE TYPE® so people can use this thinking and these products to create their own rituals. To provide a new way to look forward to what is to come. Set new goals, inspire yourself, empower yourself and give your body what it needs to get where you want to go. Listen to your body, and take a little time everyday.

For more about me: amandadaniel.com