Our Australian Certified Organic Ingredients

These Adaptogens may:

  • Amla Berry: Vitamin C, body and skin resilience

  • Schisandra: longevity, skin health, calming

  • Goji: Skin and eye health

These Functional Foods may:

  • Rice + Pea Protein: Sprouted for easy digestion

  • Hemp Protein: Omega 3s

  • Gotu Kola: Nootropic, collagen support

  • Lucuma: Fibre, gut health

  • Cinnamon: Sugar balancing

  • Orange Peel: Vitamin C

 MY TRIBE TYPE® ritual: Add 30g to a smoothie with fruit, sweetener and milk of choice.

Certified Organic ingredients (powders): sprouted rice protein, sprouted pea protein, hemp seed protein, gotu kola, amla, schisandra, goji, lucuma, cinnamon, orange peel. Is right for you?