Our Ingredients

These Adaptogens may:

  • Chaga Mushroom: Nutrient-dense, better-ageing

  • Reishi Mushroom: Resilience and mood

  • Cordyceps Mushroom (Vegan Sourced): Power giving, better-ageing

These Functional Foods may:

  • Cacao: Nootropic, a rich source of polyphenols

  • Cinnamon: Sugar balancing

  • Cardamom: Calming, functional spice

  • Wattleseed: Australian Native, Wild Crafted

MY TRIBE TYPE® ritual: Add 30g to a smoothie with fruit, sweetener and milk of choice.

Certified Organic ingredients (powders): sprouted rice protein, sprouted pea protein, hemp seed protein, cacao, cinnamon, chaga mushroom*, cardamon, cordycep extract*, reishi extract*, wattle seed (wild crafted). *denotes non organic ingredient