Our Australian Certified Organic Ingredients:

These Adaptogens may:

  • Amla Berry: Vitamin C, body and skin resilience

  • Holy Basil: Mood lifting, anti-stress, gut balance

These Functional Foods may:

  • Wheat + Barley Grass: Alkalising greens

  • Spirulina: Essential amino acids, nutrient-dense

  • Dandelion Root: Skinfood

  • Horsetail: Hair and bone health

  • Acai Berry: Nutrient-dense

  • Pomegranate: Potassium and folate for skin health

MY TRIBE TYPE® ritual: Add one small level teaspoons (3 grams) to a smoothie with fruit, sweetener and milk of choice.

Functional Certified Organic Ingredients (powders): wheatgrass and barley grass, spirulina, kale, pomegranate, acai, dandelion, amla (Indian gooseberry), holy basil, horsetail.

Flavour profile: An alkaline, green, matcha like flavour. Pairs well with green smoothies and matcha. Or works well in any smoothie add 1 level teaspoon. Sweeten to your taste.

66g per jar, 22 serves