What they are saying //

“I wear it when I want to feel powerful”

« Je le porte quand je veux me sentir puissant « 

I wanted my perfume oil to be as magnetic and organic as possible and still have the intensity that is expected. I wanted a unisexy perfume not a scented oil. A signature scent that lingered with defined edges, one that adapted to you. That is what this botanical perfume oil does as it warms on the skin it reveals its layers, from red mandarin to herbaceous red thyme softened with the earthly violet,  to the resonating vetiver, warming spacious cedar and cypress. My male friends say it reminds them of new leather and my feminine friends say that it gives them power and release. And like all good recipes or formulas, I wanted every article to be essential and have a purpose. Every part of this scent links to your senses and initiates an internal reaction. Ultimately adaptogenic it is stress-relieving, grounding and mood-lifting. It's raw and unfiltered, it is not bleached and it is totally pure. 

Sun on the Grass is a melody of captured sensations and I hope you find it an empowering release into your own space and sense of being.

- Amanda