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The Brains + Buzz Kit


The Brains + Buzz Kit

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For your plant-based, easily digested protein fix + adaptogenic stress protection + brain power + better ageing + focus + clarity + calm. 

Power up with this chocolatey duo of Cacao with Benefits and Fabulous Adaptogen Mushroom & Cacao Protein. 


Fabulous is a balanced plant protein enriched with nootropic Cacao, Wattleseed and a trio of adaptogenic mushrooms: Cordyceps, Reishi and Chaga. Supported with a combination of sprouted + fermented rice and pea protein with hemp protein for healthy Omegas, Fabulous is a satisfying pure protein blend without sweeteners, flavourings or fillers. We like to pair Fabulous with a banana smoothie base, adding in extras like dates and almond butter.

Cacao with Benefits is a blend of rich Cacao, adaptogenic Maca, caramel-like Mesquite, Cardamom, and Chilli. Designed to be your 3 pm pick me up or caffeine alternative in the morning or afternoon. Cacao with Benefits can also be added to your Fabulous smoothie for an extra cacao hit. 


Adaptogens: (in traditional herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress. If you are not familiar with adaptogens, they are a select category of plants:  herbs, berries and mushroom with the unique ability to modulate the stress response. They do this by working along the HPA axis which is the regulator of the body’s stress hormone: cortisol.

Functional Foods: A pure, nutrient-dense food with naturally occurring beneficial physiological effects for wellbeing.

P.S We keep our powders pure, sourcing radically functional, Australian Certified Organic ingredients selected for their benefits and quality. We do not fill out our blends with fruit powders, flavourings, synthetics, sweeteners, sugar or additives. Sweeten them as you like (if you like!). 

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