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Vegan Collagen Food

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New Formula, More Adaptogens!

MYTRIBETYPE® Vegan Collagen Food is a blend of radically functional plants and stress protective adaptogens, that can support collagen, skin health, and strength.

True beauty is an inside job! 

“At 56 I made this radically functional vegan adaptogenic collagen food blend to naturally protect and support my glowy skin, better ageing and longevity" 

Amanda Daniel, Founder & Better Ageing Coach 

How does vegan collagen food work?

Stress protecting your collagen: Modern lifestyle stress can have a negative effect on collagen and accelerate ageing. Stress can inhibit collagen production. Adaptogenic foods supply stress protection benefits which can assist to protect and encourage collagen production and promote longevity. 

Feeding your collagen: The addition of highly functional foods provides extra collagen promotion and key plant-based building blocks to feed your collagen. 

Key supportive stress protective Adaptogens and Functional foods feed longevity and the plant-based Building Blocks for Collagen: Antioxidants (Vitamin C, Vitamin A precursors), Anthocyanin, Copper, Amino Acids, Manganese and zinc.


These Ingredients may:

  • Ashwgandha (adaptogen) Asian Ginseng (adaptogen) Rhodiola (adaptogen), Amla (adaptogen), Astragalus (adaptogen): Stress Protection, Antioxidants, Longevity
  • Asian Ginseng (adptogen), Astragalus (adaptogen) Gotukola: Longevity, Collagen support
  • Amla (adaptogen), Maqui Berry, Beetroot, Monk fruit: Antioxidants, Vitamin C
  • Dulse Seaweed, Blueberries, Beetroot: Vitamin A precursors
  • Blueberries, Maqui Berry: Anthocyanin
  • Beetroot: B9, Zinc, Copper
  • Alfalfa: Key amino acids
  • Dulse Seaweed: Iodine, Copper, Zink, Iron, B6, B12, Magnesium
  • Ashwagandha: Zinc, Iron

MY TRIBE TYPE ritual: Add 1 teaspoon (5 grams) to water, a smoothie with fruit, sweetener and milk of choice, or yogurt. 

Flavour profile: Berry like and slightly herbaceous. Pairs well with berries, banana, ginger, coconut. Protect the goodness: do not heat. Or works well in any smoothie or yogurt combination. Sweeten to your taste.

Australian Certified Organic Ingredients (powders): blueberry, ashwagandha, maqui berry, astragalus, amla berry, Asian ginseng, rhodiola, gotu kola, alfalfa, beetroot, dulse seaweed, monk fruit. 


Adaptogens: (in traditional herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress. If you are not familiar with adaptogens, they are a select category of plants:  herbs, berries and mushroom with the unique ability to modulate the stress response. They do this by working along the HPA axis which is the regulator of the body’s stress hormone: cortisol.

Functional Foods: A pure, nutrient-dense food with naturally occurring beneficial physiological effects for wellbeing.

P.S We keep our powders pure, sourcing radically functional, Australian Certified Organic ingredients selected for their benefits and quality. We do not fill out our blends with fruit powders, flavourings, synthetics, sweeteners, sugar or additives. Sweeten them as you like (if you like!). 

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